What we Offer at Odok Web Solutions is Amazing , Our Works are so Clear and so Professional because it reflects the current demand in the Website Market.

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All our Websites are Responsive to all the below Devices.

Laptop compatible

Tablet compatible

Mobile compatible

desktop compatible

Odok web solutions

Experience IT

Website design

Artistic Design and Website layout Creation of Web Graphics, Page Backgrounds or website skins Optimization of graphics to ensure a fast loading web page.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an important factor for a successful business website, we will make your site search engine friendly too and your Website URL submission for the 3 most popular search engine on the web ( Google, Yahoo, MSN )

Website Development

We will integrate and develop the specific functionality and features you need for your Company website so that it matches with the design.

Online marketing

Everyone's wish is to make their website appear among the top position after their customers search about them and thats exactly what we do. help you achieve top spot on the search Pages.

Choose the perfect plan

This is incase Our Clients only want Design and Development or Daily Updates for their Websites without Domain or Hosting Services .


Ugx 250,000

pay once

New Website

Ugx 350,000

Pay once

Regular Updating Services

Price is Negotiable​

on agreement

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! We have unique processes in place that will educate and help you make informed decisions along the way. The last thing we want is for you to be uncomfortable or overwhelmed.

No. All of our work is performed by our in-house team based in Kampala, Uganda ( East Africa )

You always have full ownership over your website.

Once you provide us with enough content for your website, we typically have the first beta to you within eight business days. We’ve been able to complete projects in as little as ten days because our team is professional

No. We can get started by using placeholder content while you work towards completing your content. We’ll even provide you with a content outline to follow to make things easier. This gives you guidance on the type of text and images that would perform best on your website.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, just like cars. You’ll find quotes ranging from a few hundred dollars all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our websites are designed to be the perfect balance of features and price for small businesses. We’ve been able to keep our prices low by reducing overhead and streamlining our process. Our finished product often exceeds the quality of agencies charging ten times more than us.

Yep! We’re great at communicating via phone and email and our clients come from all over Uganda , East Africa and other neighbouring countries.

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we do not offer proposals or accept RFPs. However, we do start each project with a plan in place. Once you hire us, we outline content and design details prior to starting

Yes we do . That’s why we are here to help rectify such issues for our Clients whose websites have not been managed well or abandoned

Our primary focus is working with service oriented business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses. We have experience with creating websites within almost every major industry.

Responsive web design is a technique used to build a website that adapts its layout to fit the size of any device. Instead of having to build an additional website for mobile devices, you can lower initial costs by only needing a single website. Since responsive web design is really only a classification, each company has their own interpretation and implementation.

Yes. We believe our solutions are some of the best you’ll find. Some of our clients see a majority of their traffic from mobile phones. We put a high emphasis on making sure the website experience on a phone is second-to-none.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving a website’s rank on search engines like Google or Bing. Having your website show up higher than your competitors on these services often leads to more visitors and customers. While there are industry standard techniques used to help improve your rank, SEO techniques are subjective and can be thought of as an artform. Our SEO services are designed to provide the biggest impact at prices that make sense for small business.

Yes, in some form. Many people are surprised to learn SEO isn’t a single process that takes place. Google has thousands of different factors it weighs in order to rank your website. How fast your site loads, ease of use on mobile, how long people stay on your site, and more are all taken into consideration. On-page search engine optimization is almost always a good idea. This ensures your website is coded to correct standards and the content on your website is structured properly. This makes Google happy and gives you a boost within their rankings. Off-page search engine optimization is more complex and primarily involves something called “backlinks”. These are links on other websites pointing to your website. Getting authentic quality backlinks is very time consuming and difficult. Some agencies will try to “game” the system by creating fake backlinks. Google is getting very good at figuring out if a backlink is fake. If you’re caught, you can be completely delisted from Google searches. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Yes. It’s almost always possible to get your website to show up for “branded” searches, meaning someone typing in your business name. It can be much more difficult to compete on industry keywords if your market is oversaturated.

No. If someone is making you this guarantee, be very careful. There are bad actors who claim this is possible. They typically use techniques that can penalize your website or even get you removed from Google. Every business’s circumstances are unique and the outcome of every SEO strategy is different. A more realistic goal is to have your website show up on the first page of Google results.

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